How to Dispose Your Household Waste Safely With the Help of Instant Bins in Perth

People in Perth are becoming more and more environment friendly these days and are taking care of how and where their disposed waste is being dumped or used such as recycling or sorting out, especially if it holds potential danger to the environment. While you will see every type of debris is given a category like industrial waste, building waste or household, the most highlighted among all is car batteries, electronic devices etc. which contains environmentally hazardous toxic materials and need special care while disposing.

They are often not bio degradable and needs instant bins in Perth so that no harm can be caused to the soil or water table beneath the landfill in case it is not disposed correctly.

Below are some of the most common household wastes that cannot be put in a regular bin and requires an instant bin:

Car Batteries

car batteries

Car Batteries, also known as lead-acid batteries are classified as hazardous waste. It contains harmful acids and chemicals that hold potential danger to the environment.

If you dispose car batteries in a regular Skip Bin, it may tip over and if exposed the strong acids may damage animals or people.

So, special care should be given while disposing waste containing such harmful chemicals such as car batteries or any other household appliances that contain chemicals by hiring instant bins in Perth.

Flammable Materials

flammable material

Some of the products at your home may have “Flammable” label or warning on it.

There could be a probability that anything like this may break and the chemicals inside may become prone to fire or even explode in case you fail in right handling or disposed in regular bins.

These materials should be disposed in instant bins in Perth with proper care given by trained professionals. You can also click here to know about the detailed economics of e-waste.

Domestic Poisonous Material

domestic poisonous

We generally use products like floor cleaners or toilet cleaners at home and those are chemically composed to perform at best.

If you have such stuff at home too then do not dispose of this bottle in a regular bin. The chemicals in it will also be poisonous in the landfill. So, Instant Bins in Perth should be used while disposing these kinds of bottles or containers.

E Waste

LUENEN, GERMANY - APRIL 14: Electronic components including circuit boards sit in a pile before being melted down at the Aurubis recycling smelter on April 14, 2014 in Luenen, Germany. Aurubis is Germany's biggest recycler of scrap electronics and extracts metals including copper and gold from chips, hard drives, mobile phones, computers and other electronics devices. Recycling of electronic scrap is gaining in importance as worldwide supplies of metals, especially rare metals such as platinum, silver, tantalum and gold, become increasingly scarce. (Photo by Sascha Schuermann/Getty Images)

With the ever-evolving technology, there is a considerable increase in E-Waste recorded in the recent years.

It may have a wide range of materials that can cause harm to environment and often made with heavy metals and that is why E-Waste should not be disposed in regular skip bins but instant bins in Perth.

Keeping Perth Safe

keep perth safe

The household materials such as batteries, electrical appliances, tires or containers with toxic, harsh chemicals or poisons, needs special attention and need instant bins in Perth so that removal of debris can be done as soon as possible.

Contact North Side Skip Bins, the most reliable waste management company, at 0419-907-105 to hire instant skin bin in Perth hassle-free.

Understanding SEO: A Beginners Guide To Search Engine Optimisation

Whether you undertake your own SEO or you hire an SEO Consultant, it is important that you understand the fundamentals of search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is the art of structuring your website and your website content in a manner that is loved by the search engines, thus, improving your placement in the search engine result pages.

Having a website that is ranked highly in the organic search results (free listings), like the first page of Google for a competitive keyword, can generate more visitors per day than having a store in the middle of a popular shopping destination. Understanding SEO and avoiding things that will get your website penalised will give you a good foundation to build upon.

Well, let’s jump straight to it.

The Meta Description

The meta description is what is used to describe your individual web pages. The description is also used by the search engines to describe your page on the search engine result pages (SERP). Your meta descriptions should be unique for each one of your web-pages. A good meta description will give a page specific explanation of what a visitor will expect to find when visiting the page.

The HTML meta description tag looks like this:

<META name”description” content=”Everything you ever wanted to know about the HTML meta description tag and it’s purposes”>

Remember to keep your meta descriptions to about 160 characters for best results in Google.

Below is an image of what the meta description looks like displayed in a Google search results page.

Avoid stuffing a load of keywords into the meta description, it will make your listing look unprofessional and generate less click-throughs. How many times do you see listings that look like this:

As you can see, this description is written purely for the search engines and not the end user. Would you want this company working on your SEO?

An important point to note is that the ellipsis (the three dots … ) at the end of the description indicate that the description was too long to display properly. Don’t let the search engine cut of your page description, keep it within the already mentioned number of characters and you’ll be fine.

Meta Keywords

Although Google no longer appear to give much weight to meta-keywords other search engines like Yahoo! may still look at these.

The HTML meta keyword tag looks like this:

<META name”keywords” content=”meta description, html meta description, html meta description explained”>

Do not go overboard with the amount of keywords you use, a few to a handful per page should be enough.


One of the major elements to a website is the keywords that drive search engine traffic to the homepage and interior pages.

Places you can target particular keywords or keyword phrases are in the Meta Description, Meta Keyword, Title Tag, Header and content (body text).

Core keywords are harder to rank for due to having high levels of competition but they also are less targeted.

Example of core keywords:



Long tail keywords (keyword phrases)

Keyword phrases are often easier to rank for due to having less competition.

Examples of keyword phrases:

affordable mortgage rates

low monthly repayment loan

You get the idea! The more pages you create targeting particular keywords and keyword phrases the more paths you have leading back to your most important pages, your sales pages.

Your content should contain your keywords in a natural way, remember, you are writing for your human visitors first and the search engines second.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is process of determining what keywords will be the best to target for your web page/s. There are some very powerful keyword research tools on the market that will help you get started:

Google Adwords Keyword Tool (free)

Wordtracker’s Keyword Suggestion Tool (free)

Read this previous post here to discover how to use it Wordtracker’s free tool.

Wordtracker’s Keyword Research Tool (free trial and discount for a yearly subscription)

Keyword Elite 2.0 ($197 – best buy)

Further reading:

Using Google’s Wonder Wheel for Keyword Research

Keyword Misspelling

Content is King

Content is King! You’ve probably already heard this and for good reason, it’s true. By regularly adding content that is optimised to your website, you are increasing the footprint of your website across the search engines. The more avenues you have leading into your sales funnel the better.

A blog is the perfect solution for publishing your ongoing content creations. I recommend having a self-hosted WordPress blog. If you have a business website, let’s say, then you can log into your Hosting account and add a sub-domain specifically for your blog, in this case,

Creating great content has the added benefit of being link-worthy, if it is good then people will link to your page from their website. This will give you more exposure and more links pointing to your internal website pages (known as deep linking). This method of attracting deep links will have a more natural and organic look to it from the search engines perspective than if you only have links pointing to your homepage.

To recap, write for your visitors first and the search engines second.

I covered deep linking in greater depth in a previous article, what can Amazon teach webmasters about link building.

URL Canonicalization and the 301 Redirect

Google and other search engines view and as two different websites, known as URL canonicalization. A 301 redirect tells the search engines that a page has moved permanently (a 302 is a temporary redirect).

I recommend that you forward to as this is what the majority of Internet users are already familiar with.

The easiest way to set up a 301 redirect is to contact your hosting company and ask them to do this for you. I host my accounts with Host Monster and having a 301 redirect set for a particular URL can be put in place in under five minutes. If your hosting account charges you to do this then maybe it is time to switch to a better hosting company.

With a 301 redirect in place you are avoiding the spread of authority and your inbound link credit being shared across two websites.

A post by Matt Cutts Explains URL Canonicalization and 301 Redirections in greater detail here.

404 Error Pages

Continuing on the 301 redirection theme, if you migrate a website to a new domain or even change the names of your website pages then you will want to be monitoring your 404 error logs (you can find these in your Hosting accounts admin area) to see how they were triggered.

Let’s say I have an indexed page (meaning that it is listed in the search engine results pages):

and then I change the page name (or permalink structure in WordPress) to

your visitors will now hit a 404 error page because the page has moved. I would then create a 301 redirect rule so that every visitor that comes from will now go to without triggering the 404 page.

You can click on the link to see an example of a 404 error page on this site.

If your search visitors land on too many 404 error pages your bounce rates will often increase and your listings in the search engines may begin to decline. You or your SEO Consultant need to be tracking this.

If you are using WordPress (self-hosted) then you can manage 404 and 301 redirects with the plugins you will find here.

Link Health

A really cool way to check your website for broken links is with a free desktop software called Xenu Link Sleuth; you can find the download page here. Try to fix as many of the errors you come across as you can for a better end-user experience,because if you make your visitors happy you will make the search engines happy.

Xenu Link Sleuth will alert of any outgoing links that are now broken. You may have written a post two years ago that linked out to a few websites that have now all become redundant, you’ll need to plug those leaks as soon as you can for optimal website health.

Stick To One Link Structure

When creating your webpages it is good practice to stick to a link structure that will provide conformity across your whole website.

You should also aim to create links that are easier for the search engines to index and read.


looks better on the eyes and is also easier to read by the search engines than

The ‘wordpress seo plugins’ at the end of the last URL cannot be read by the search engines as seperate words because they are bunched together. Use hyphens for best effect and avoid using the underscore as explained in a post by Matt Cutts that you can read here.

The Title Tag

The title tag could just be the single most important SEO element on your web pages. It is important to use a keyword or keyword phrase to logically name your pages. The screenshot below shows you what the title tag looks like for one of our pages.

The title tag can be found in a HTML doc before the Head tag and looks like this:

<title>Your title here </title>

and below is what the title tag looks like within a HTML document in NVU (a free HTML editor).

Robots.txt File

The robots.txt file is used to give instructions to the search engine bots (the things that visit your website, check your content, look for updates, and index your pages) about your website.

The robots.txt file is placed in your root directory, the same place where your index file (homepage) can be found. You can use the robots.txt file to tell the robots (meta-crawlers) that visit your site not to take any notice of certain directories / files that you specify.

You can find out more by reading the about /robots.txt at

XML Sitemaps

Sitemaps are a way for a website owner to tell the search engines what pages on the website are available for crawling. It’s also a way to indicate the more important pages of a website.

Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask all follow the sitemaps protocol and you can read more about this here.

Inbound Link Building

It is important to have an understanding of inbound link building and how it works. The best way to build links is naturally, over time, and at a steady pace. You should also aim to build links to your interior pages as well as your homepage so that this helps with your overall SEO score.

Having thousands of links pointing to your home page does not look as natural as having the same number of links pointing to various pages on your website (another reason why having a blog is a good idea).

If you come across a company that promises to give you number 1 listing on Google through the building of thousands of links, run away! The links you will get will probably be from very poor quality websites and, worse still, link farms.

Another thing to avoid is monthly website submissions to the search engines. Google has the biggest slice of the search engine pie, not to discount other the search engines like Yahoo! and Bing, but do you really think Google need you to submit your website over and over again.

Google will find you, just keep adding content to your website and you will be discovered. If you are paying a company for monthly submissions to the search engines then you really do need to stop, you are wasting your money. You can read more about this here.

Domain Registration

Purchasing a domain is an important purchasing decision when taking your business online. What domain name you end up choosing you’ll want to make sure that it is easy to remember and a doddle to type into a search engine or browser bar.

I also recommend that the standard spelling of words looks more professional and is the more logical word that someone will type in to find your website.

Example:  use phone instead of fone or use toys instead of toyz.

There are exceptions to this rule, like big brick-and-mortar stores that have come online with an already familiar brand name but if you are just starting out then keeping it simple is the way to go.

To find out if a domain is available or to purchase a domain for your business why not try 1and1 as they are seriously affordable and easy to use.

Google Page Rank

Google created page rank as a measure of a websites authority. If you have the Google Browser Toolbar installed you will be able to see a websites page rank. Foxley Marketing Solutions currently has a page rank of 3 which would put us in the emerging authority stakes.

If you are generating inbound links then the best links are going to be from the websites that Google has scored to be authorities and have high page ranks.

A link from a page rank 6 website can count for more than having lots of links from a number of unranked websites. This is why article directories are so popular for link building. If you would like to find out more about article marketing then sign-up to our 7 day mini-course Website Promotional Success.

For more information regarding Page Rank you can read this exhaustive entry on Wikipedia.

Tracking and Analytics

When you’ve got your website indexed and you start getting regular visitors you’ll want to track certain things. You’ll want to know where your visitors come from (referring websites / search engines), where your visitors are going on your website, and where your visitors leave your website.

There are plenty of tracking software on the market and you can get started with Google Analytics which is, amazingly, free.

I use Polaris, a free desktop app that allows you to login to your Google Analytics account from your desktop.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content gives your website visitors a poor user experience and this can result in poor search engine rankings. If you follow the tips above you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Be sure that your title tags, your meta description and your page content is different for each of your pages to avoid any duplication.

You can read more about this here.

Content Management System (CMS)

Not all content management systems are built the same, and some are just aweful at creating a well optimised website. If the CMS you use makes it difficult for you to undertake any of the recommendations above then maybe you need to start looking into a new system.

If you purchased a website from a website design company that has their very own content management system, ask them if you can easily incorporate meta descriptions, etc and, if not, will they add that functionality. If they will not, again, it’s time to look somewhere else.


Where you host your website is really important for a few reasons. You will want to be able to easily access your admin area, check stats, manage add-on domains, sub-domains, 301 redirects, 404 error pages, and so on.

I use Host Monster for my personal websites for the simple reason it uses cPanel (a very intuitive admin interface), they are affordable, the service is packed with features that will benefit your website, but most importantly, they have an amazing customer support team.

If you website hits a problem can you gain access to a member of staff any time of the day or night, seven days of the week? I can!

Although cPanel is intuitive there is a learning curve involved. If you like to manage the technical side of things for yourself then I recommend the Discover cPanel video training course. Visit the Discover cPanel site to get instant access to the first video for free.

Code and Images

You should make sure that your website is built using web compliant code that is readable by the search engines. You’ll also want to keep tweaking the code to get your load times as fast as possible as this will increase the experience of your users (especially those on a slower connection).

If you have the Firefox browser you can download a really cool add-on called YSlow (by Yahoo!) that will check your website and will alert you to how well your site loads. YSlow will also show you where you can reduce code bloat, how to increase load times and how to decrease the size of your image files so they load quicker and take up less server space (don’t worry, they will still look the same to the user).

You will have to have Firebug installed before you can use YSlow and the newly incorporated Smush It! (used to be available for seperate download).

Act Natural

Lastly, just act natural. Build pages, create wonderful content, make some pages short and sweat and others long and rich. What I’m trying to say is, do not over-optimise your website. You can be too perfect and that just isn’t natural.

I think that about wraps it up for today.

To your success,

Karl Foxley

P.s. If you liked this post why not leave a comment? If commenting really isn’t your thing, you can share the love by sharing this post using one of the various buttons below. Thanks in advance!

Discover How To Get Buyers To Your Website For Greater Profit

Discover the Buying Keywords that are Searched for in almost any Niche!

It’s not everyday that you come across a software that uncovers more than a billion red-hot buyer keywords in 50,000 money-making niches.

Just imaging tapping into the power of a groundbreaking technology that virtually plugs into the brains of 463,790,410 people and identifies massive crowds of starving buyers generating way over $27.6 billion in sales, with only a few clicks!

You see, everyone goes on about the number of visitors they get to their websites, they want more and more because they believe that more traffic equals more money.

Well, they are almost right! It should be the more targeted traffic you can get to your website the more money you make.

Did you know that your competitor’s are probably targeting keywords that will bring them the average information seeker, you know the ones, they visit your website and kick the tyres for a while before leaving again.

So how do you jump ahead of the competition and get targeted buyers?

You search for the keywords and keyword phrases that people use just before they make a purchase. These people aren’t looking for information, they know exactly what they want, so with credit card in hand they eagerly hunt down that ‘must-have-product’.

Now, if you are targeting the right buying keywords, you will be able to position yourself right in front of those people that are just about ready to go through the checkout process. This is the power of ‘real down and dirty’ keyword research.

How would you like to make this whole process real easy on yourself?

Who else would like to be able to:

  • Dominate the affiliate programs Of billion-dollar online shopping sites and product marketplaces: the fastest way to profit from affiliate programs of shopping sites, Guaranteed!
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  • STOP wasting your money running average mediocre PPC campaigns, transform them to instantly profitable campaigns with buyer keywords.
  • Start launching the most profitable affiliate campaigns of your life.  Hit one home run after another, after another, after another.
  • Dominate Contextual Advertising, like AdSense.
  • Transform your online shopping store to an instant cash machine!
  • Skyrocket sales Of your product(s), and sell anything online, quickly and easily.
  • Trying to convert browsers to buyers? BIG MISTAKE! Convert buyers to buyers!
  • Build red-hot hyper responsive lists of buyers that will purchase your own products and affiliate products – guaranteed!
  • Optimize your website, blog, and content/copy for buyer keywords. Attract massive crowds of starving buyers.
  • Identify niche market opportunities and new product ideas by monitoring what people are searching for and what’s in demand right now.
  • Save incredible amounts of your time and effort automating the processes Of generating buyer keywords.

Now for the all important links.

The software – Buyer Keywords Generator.

The Special Report – The Buyer Keywords Generator Report (it’s free)

At the very least, go and download the special Buying Keywords Generator Report and discover more about how you can change the way you perform keyword research, FOREVER!

To your success,

Karl Foxley

BOTW Still Provide A Top Quality Inbound Link

Best of the Web A Leading Directory

BOTW, or Best of the Web, is still one of the best directories on the Internet. If you think directory submissions is dead then think again!

The assumption that Google treats ‘paid for‘ directory submissions as a paid for link is very much mistaken and this was discussed by Matt Cutts in a recent video. I’ve shared the video before but just in case you missed it, here it is again.

Your take-away from this video is that not all directories are created equal, some are just there to make money from as many people as possible! You need to assess the quality of the directory before you ever pay for a link.

So, does Best of the Web provide a quality link? Absolutely!

BOTW has a Google Page Rank of 6, so the Goog see the directory as an authority site.

Are all links approved? No!

Bad quality websites are not approved.

So, if you are still looking for a top quality link, you can now rest easy that getting listed on BOTW is NOT the same as ‘buying links’ as Matt Cutts has made clear.

How To Increase Website Conversions

This article is going to share a few ways you can increase your website conversions, increasing your opt-in rates and sales.

You can drive hundreds of visitors to your website every single day but if they leave without ever joining your email subscriber list or by making a purchase then you need to take a look at some website fundamentals.

The obvious benefit to increasing conversions is that you will make more money without having to increase the amount of traffic you generate. For example, if your website gets 100 visitors a day and makes 4 sales at a total of £600, you then focus on doubling your coversions you will now have 8 customers from the same 100 visitors making you a cool £1,200; that’s an instant payrise and you haven’t had to go out and increase your online marketing campaigns.

So let’s get started:


You need a hosting account that can handle a high-level of traffic to your website. You also need a hosting package that has all the features you’ll ever need under one roof. All of my websites are hosted withHostMonster because they are super reliable, their servers easily manage my high traffic days, they use the popular cPanel in the admin area allowing you to easily manage your sites, emails and use one-click installs of WordPress blogs and other content management systems. More importantly, HostMonster also have amazing customer support in place (you’ll need this when you get into a pickle and need a quick response to remedy the problem).

Website Usability

How easy is your website to navigate? How logical are your categories?

I want you to head on over to My Wedding Favors and spend some time navigating the site.

my wedding favors How To Increase Website Conversions

The first thing you’ll notice is that the website has grouped the categories together in a very logical way. Another clever site design is the use of bold coloured areas to group the categories (on the left). Without these a visitor’s eyes would have a lot of categories but nothing breaking them up. Breaking the categories into groups like this makes it easier for the eye to find what it is searching for. When you consider that you only have a few seconds to grab your visitors attention before they will hit the back button and searches for what they were looking for somewhere else.

Make sure your website is easy to navigate and that a customer can find a product and complete the checkout process in a maximum of only a few clicks.

Strip that Fat

No, this isn’t about weight loss but rather the fat of your website. Your website needs to load quickly or people will hit the back button and move on to somewhere else.

Firstly you can decrease the size of your images without losing much (if any at all) of the quality. Smaller images increase your websites loading speed. Also, minimise the number of pictures you have per page where ever possible. You can also host your images with a dedicated image hosting site, such as Flickr, and then embed your images into your site; this will reduce the hit on your server each time your site is required to load.

You may be using tracking services that rely on scripts. Double check with the applications to see if you can place the script codes anywhere on your website. Some will have to be placed in your header area but, if not, stick the script code into your footer so that it is the last thing to load.

If you are using WordPress then you can learn how to trim the fat by reading an authorative article at Yoast. The tips, on the most part, may also benefit your website.

You can purchase well designed WordPress themes from Studio Press, these are all superbly designed and load quickly.

I highly recommend you drop or minimise your use of flash and other affects as this can increase loading times. The argument I hear for having amazing flashy graphics is that “it looks good” but great looks and flashy graphics should come second to customer usability. Let’s take a look at a very popular website that ranks as one of the most visited websites in the world… Craigslist.

craigslist website How To Increase Website Conversions

Not a very attractive website is it! Craigslist receives a lot of visitors every single day because it is functional and serves the needs of the users.

I’m not suggesting you have a website that is as basic looking as Craigslist, what I’m saying is that you don’t need to go as far as having the best designed website out there for it to work for you (and your customers).


Copywriting is the text that you have on your sales pages that encourages people to buy. The best sales copy will include a headline, identify a problem, reveal a solution and create an irresistible offer. To see an example of long copy sales at work you only have to look at most marketing websites: example, Maverick Money Makers.

When you visit the sales page above you will see all of the elements of good copywriting. Can you apply this to your product page?

You can outsource or out-task your copywriting jobs to freelance workers. You can use one of the following sites to find reputable freelancers:




If you want to get your hands dirty and do the copywriting yourself (this will save you a lot of money) then I recommend you take a look at 5 Minute Copywriting.

Website Images and Graphics

Another feature of your website that you should take a look at is your images. Some graphics will increase click-through rates (navigation to pages beyond your homepage) such as having images of your products, or an image of a person representing your customer support page.

You can get images from as little a $1 a piece over at iStock Photo. I use the images I purchase from iStock to create graphics for my blog posts and articles to draw the readers into the page.

If you sell digital products or services such as e-books, reports, search engine optimisation, online consultation, etc,  you can design graphics as a visual representation of what the product would look like on the shelf in a bookstore. Visit the SEM Business Blueprint website and take a look at the graphical representation of their product (image shown below)

SEM Business Blueprint How To Increase Website Conversions

As you can see, a good graphic gives your customers a visual representation of something that is not tangible.

You don’t need to spend out lots on a graphic designer to create your very own graphics as you can grab some very powerful scripts for Photoshop that will create them for you at a click of a button. Head on over to CoverActionPro to find out more! The scripts are what I used to design the report graphics you have seen on the site for the newsletter and the Website Promo Success mini-course. Even if you don’t purchase the scripts you should take the time to watch them in action, it’s amazing to watch an e-book appear before your eyes piece-by-piece.

If this still seems a little intimidating and you want to outsource or out-task your graphic design (and other website needs) then you can hire someone very cheaply from one of the services below:





Testimonials from users of your service or website can help boost your conversion rates because you are adding credibility to your service or product. Again, visit SEM Business Blueprint and scroll down. You’ll come across testimonials that users of SEM Business Blueprint have given. You’ll be able to get testimonials from your customers by asking, people often like to be asked their opinion about something and having it up for everyone to see may be incentive enough. You could also offer an incentive to provide you with feedback, a discount code of a future purchase, a link back to the person’s website, etc.

The best testimonials are those that include video or audio. Make sure the people who leave you testimonials also send you a photo as this also adds credibility. You may need to guide people in writing great testimonials that sell, you want them to be descriptive of how your product or service helped them to achieve a goal.


“After using your widget for ten days I was able to increase my optin rates by an incredible 40 per cent”

Ironclad Guarantees

Another cool way to increase your conversion rates is to slap a guarentee on your website. If you have a money back guarentee then stick it on your site for people to clearly see.

Even if you do not use a graphic, make sure you let people know that they have a money back guarantee. The SEM Business Blueprint have the following guarantee on their website:

“In fact, we are so confident in this program and believe that it really is one of the fastest ways to earn a six figure income working from home, if you notify us within the next 60 days and say that you are not TOTALLY convinced by the income pulling power of this revolutionary business, we’ll speedily refund every penny of your small investment.”

A good guarantee increases a customer’s confidence as they know they can get their money back within the specified time frame. You can gain access to a wealth of copy and paste graphics, including guarantee images for a very low price at CopyAndPasteGraphics2. This package will not only save you a lot of money but also heaps of time.

Video and Audio

YouTube is one of the most popular websites and with good reason, people love to watch videos. Did you know that a good video can increase your conversions? Could you make a quick video that introduces your product or service, giving an overview of the features and benefits.

You can embed a video onto your homepage and/or product pages that introduces your business, services and products to your visitors. You can make personalised videos where you or your staff are the star. If you choose this route then I highly recommend the FlipMono.

Alternatively you can create screencasts that record your movements on the screen. With just a click of a button you can record your mouse movements on the screen, this is ideal for creating Power Point presentations, how to videos, etc. The tool of choice for this is Camtasia. Camtasia is not the cheapest tool around but it is one that can help make your company to be more productive and make more money. A good example of this is I have created videos that show people how to use our FTP client and how to make updates to my websites, this saves me showing people over and over again, and when I outsource jobs I can just record one video and share it with as many freelance workers as I need to get the job done.

If you do not have the budget for Camtasia you can get a free screencast application over at Jing (although a great tool, it does lack the features found in Camtasia).

Again, visit the SEM Business Blueprint website to see a video in action.

Audio is not as effective as video but it is still very powerful. You can use a very cheap USB Microphone to record your messages and then upload them to your server (you’ll also need a microphone for creating your screencasts).

You can see an example of the power of audio and also discover a very cool resource over at Audio Generator.

Positive Words

Has someone reviewed your product? Has an influential website, company or person written about you on their website or in the press? If they have why not stake that claim and link out to it or contact the author and ask if you can post it onto your site. This all goes towards increasing your conversions.

High Conversion Tools

Moving beyond website design and features, there are other ways that you can easily increase your conversions.

Virtual Smart Agent

Virtual Smart Agent is the world’s first stand-alone non-human Virtual Sales Agent that enables you to put an automated chat solution on your website without having to pay someone else for the service. Not only that, Virtual Smart Agent is designed to learn from your customers and as they ask questions that are not in the database of responses you’ll be able to add the answers at will.

Below you will see what VSA will look like as it opens on your website, triggered by a prospect moving their mouse cursor towards the back button or close button.

virtual smart agent How To Increase Website Conversions

VSA is totally customisable to fit your website’s colour and you can choose from a whole range of Agent images (above you will see an image of a gentleman named Greg). Visit the VSA website and then enter your details to view a video demonstration of Virtual Smart Agent in action. Some VSA users have seen a 40% increase in their conversion rates.

Live Chat

WebsiteAlive is a live chat agent that you can embed into your website. This is what HostMonster use to provide their customer support but you can take it one step further and WebsiteAlive as a sales tool. If you keep office hours why not be available to your website visitors (or outsource this) and help them solve any problems they encounter on your website. Let’s say you own a website that sells lawnmowers. A prospect may be looking for a particular model and not be able to find it, they see you are online and ask you whether you have it in stock. You can now point them to the correct location for that mower or, if you don’t sell it, you can suggest a better alternative. Without WebsiteAlive the prospect would more than likely leave your website.

I recommend you use VSA for one product webpages and use WebsiteAlive for web stores. You simply put a piece of code on your website that will show your customers that Live Chat is offline or online and, at one click of a button, they can initiate a live chat session.

You can get a 10 day free trial to WebsiteAlive right now!

Exit Splash

Exit Splash is another conversion increasing product that works. I would stress that I would only use the following on a single sales page (not a web store). Let’s say you are selling a product for £27 and a prospect isn’t quite ready to become a customer at this point, you can use Exit Splash to redirect the customer to your opt-in page (or any other page you wish) so you can capture their name and email address so you can follow up with them in the future using your autoresponder (more on this further down).

Below you will see Exit Splash in action. You can visit Daves Online Videos for yourself to see a live demo.

exit splash demo How To Increase Website Conversions

When you go to leave Daves Online Videos without becoming a member you will be redirected to the page you can see below. Here Dave Guindon is giving away something of value (known as an ethical bribe) in exchange for the prospects name and email address. This way his autoresponder can be put to work to follow-up with the prospect and turn them into a customer.

exit splash new cash tips How To Increase Website Conversions

Clever I think you’ll agree!

Lead Capture

Now, here is the most powerful form of increasing visitor conversion rates, the lead capture form. You’ll need an account with a dedicated email service provider to make this work for you and I highly recommend AWeber. A suitable alternative is iContact.

On most of the pages of this website you will notice an optin form for our newsletter and 7 Day Email Mini-Course. You will see that it asks for name and email in exchange for an ethical bribe, marketing strategies that will help you generate targeted traffic website. What can you give away as an ethical bribe to your visitors.

With a lead capture web form on your site you will be able to follow-up with your prospects using your autoresponder. AWeber allows you to set up your autoresponder to send out emails on autopilot. What this means is that your prospect will continue to receive your message without being on your website. It take around 5 – 7 contacts with a prospect (on average) before they will purchase from you and this is the perfect solution that allows you to do just that.

You can gain free access to a very powerful training course all about email marketing over at Email Promos Exposed. The course will walk you through the steps necessary to create high-converting sales emails.

Visitor Tracking

Another important element that you will want to include to help you increase your website visitor conversions is to understand exactly how your visitors are using your website. Being able to track where you visitors come in and where they leave from is very important.

You should have Google Analytics installed on your site and I also recommend Clixpy. Clixpy will allow you to record visitor sessions on your website so you can see exactly what they do when they are navigating your website. Clixpy will give you some free visitor tracking credits just for signing up. You can read a whole article about installation of Clixpy here.

What Makes You Purchase From A Website?

Finally, when you make a purchase online take the time to analyse your decision. Why did you choose that website? What emotions did the website and sales copy elicit in you? What made the website and product different from their competitors? Was it a headline or graphic that caught your eye? Take the time to make notes and see what you can use (in your own style) on your very own website.


I have shared quite a few ways that will help you to increase your website conversions and I hope you start doing this today. Increasing your existing visitor conversions saves you from having to double your traffic to double your conversions.

It’s also very important that your website is optimised for the search engines. If you are interested in one of our SEO packages then give us a call on 01212881723 (only for UK residents).

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article.

To your success,